Accredited Laboratory

ISO 17025 certification by the Accreditation Directory (DA).

Noval laboratory is ISO certified for ISO/IEC 17025:

General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories, in 26 November 2018

Code: LT084
Accreditation Field: Water, Food, Air

– Our laboratory operates conform to the international regulations.

– Our personnel has integrity, impartiality and is technically competent, familiar in using high quality laboratory equipment which reduce the risk of non-conformities during tests.

– Test methods are validated and appropriate for giving more accurate results.

Contact Info NUIS: L81904506I

Contact Info

NUIS: L81904506I

Address: Rr.Dytësore Maminas–Vorë

(Km 2, Durrës, Albania)

Tel: +355 57 58 4035

Mobile: +355 68 80 42 045



Noval Laboratory, as part of the NOVAL factory, which is GMP certified by the Ministry of Health, works in compliance with all GMP requirements.

ISO 9001

The Noval Laboratory is completing the certification procedure according to ISO 9001.

Accredited Parameter List

The Accreditation Directory, being part of European Accreditation, allows our certificates to be recognized not only internally but also internationally.


Fokusi yne

Ne kuptojme kerkesat tuaja dhe punojme me cilesi per realizimin e tyre.

Kemi 2 departamente kryesore ate mikrobiologjik & fiziko-kimik, të pajisura me kushte & standarte bashkëkohore.


Analizat kryhen me aparaturat më moderne duke përfshirë HPLC, GC, TOC, UV-VIS, IR, etj.


Analizat kryhen me aparaturat më moderne duke përfshirë HPLC, GC, TOC, UV-VIS, IR, etj.

State of Art

Laboratori I m.biologjise eshte I pajisur me system “state of art” te kontrollit te sterilitetit te produkteve & te kushteve ambientale.